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The following is a list of projects General Products has worked in the past for the U.S. Government. This is just a sample of the type projects we engage.

  • Solid rocket booster to external tank attach ring for the space shuttle – sub contract to United Space Alliance.

  • Solid rocket booster bolt catcher assembly – sub contract to United Space Alliance.

  • Refurbishment of the solid rocket booster forward skirt (serial number 22) – sub contract to United Space Alliance.

  • Space shuttle wing leading edge fabrication for foam impact study.

  • Installed tooling for the Space Shuttle external tank at the Lockheed Martin facility in Michoud, LA.

  • Worked closely with United Space Alliance and Oceaneering on the Return to Flight program for NASA.

  • 5 year support contract for Naval Warfare Center, Panama City, FL. Provide machining, fabrication and spare parts support.

  • Abrams Tank part fabrication. Provide exhaust ducts, air plenum, turret box, and many other miscellaneous brackets and mounts. – sub contract to General Dynamics.

  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle part fabrication. Provide several gun and turret brackets for the BFV. – sub contract to General Dynamics.

  • Stryker Combat Vehicle slat armor. Provide slat armor cages on the Stryker to protect against RPG attack.

  • Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle prototype fabrication. Provided prototype exhaust ducts, track actuators and miscellaneous crew compartment items.

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