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Precision Machining

For nearly 50 years, General Products has machined components for NASA and Department of Defense prime contractors providing on-time delivery with an outstanding quality control program.

At General Products, your most complex, demanding and critical component designs are manufactured from exotic raw materials such as titanium, inconel, high strength metals and aluminum alloys. Our modern 4 and 5-axis CNC equipment and experienced technicians provide capacity for large volume production as well as efficiency for small lots and prototypes. General Products has the ability to accept and use computer design and drafting data in order to expedite production and standardize quality ensuring compliance with the customer's design criteria.

Fabrication / Welding and Sheet Metal

General Products designs and fabricates a wide range of equipment and tooling to specifications required by major Prime Aerospace Contractors and Department of Defense.  We have produced precision sheet metal components for the Defense and Aerospace Industries since the early 1970's. Our staff includes certified welders for:

  • MIL-STD 1261, MIL-STD 1595

  • D1.1, D1.2, D1.6, D17.1 

  • MSFC-SPEC-504 Flight Hardware

  • MSFC-SPEC-560 Flight Hardware

  • NADCAP Certified for welding

Our experienced fabrication and welding teams provide close tolerance Hardware and Tooling Assemblies for NASA major Prime contractors and Department of Defense.



Assembly and Testing

Precision Assemblies require a high level of experience and training. Our technicians offer customers a strong, experienced team of people committed to maintaining constant attention to detail, quality and on-time delivery. General Products has extensive experience with various Bonding Processes to meet Aerospace requirements.

We track thousands of individual components on complex assemblies such as Space Station Hardware or Large Tooling requirements.  General Products has Clean Room Facilities that meet VC level 2 of JSN-C-0005. We can facilitate cleaning, assembly, part identification and packaging.

Metal Finishing

General Products offers our clients the benefits of a modern metal finishing facility. We have the capabilities per CHEM FILM per MIL-C-5541.

Painting is completed to customer specifications in a controlled facility. General Products has painted Space Flight Hardware on the Shuttle Rocket Boosters and the International Space Station. We currently are approved to paint flight hardware for the SLS Program.

We also have the facilities to paint Large Military Vehicles to Department of Defense Requirements.

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