Founded in 1971, General Products has been recognized as a premier supplier to a diversified range of aerospace, defense and aircraft industry leaders in the precision machining, fabrication, and assembly of tooling and components including space flight hardware.

Since then, General Products has continued this tradition and developed an aggressive role to expand its Customer base and perform work at an even higher level of manufacturing and assembly expertise.

Strategically, General Products is located in one of the key hubs of the nation's most important areas for development and growth to compliment these industries - Huntsville, Alabama.  This area is fast becoming a strong competitor in software engineering, information systems design, engineering services and manufacturing in support of NASA, DOD, and the aircraft industry.

General Products excels in Quality and On-time deliveries to its Customers and works as a partner with its Customers to achieve their program needs.

 General Products is organized into four major service areas:

  1. precision machining
  2. fabrication/welding and sheet metal
  3. assembly and testing
  4. metal finishing

Combining these services allows our Customers to view us as a single source provider for the overall production of the components and assemblies. General Products offers

customers a strong, experienced team of people, processes, and a proven track record of performance.

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Stryker Fighting Vehicle
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
General Products has just been awarded a 700 vehicle set slat armor contract from General Dynamics for the Stryker Fighting Vehicle. This is one of several slat armor contracts ...